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  CORVALLIS, Ore. - The Oregon State University Board of Trustees Monday consistently affirmed another program at OSU-C to acquire a Bachelor of Science in nursing.

  The board consistently likewise revised the development spending plan and plan for the Marine Studies Building in Newport and endorsed a renovating venture at Finley Hall, a private residence on Oregon State's Corvallis grounds.

Provides quality education for students. PolyU’s civil engineering and environmental engineering degree, speech therapist degree, bachelor of science in nursing are popular undergraduate courses with high subject rankings.

  The Bachelor of Science in nursing program is booked to dispatch in the 2019-20 scholastic year as low maintenance, completely online program went for authorized enlisted attendants trying to propel their vocations while proceeding to work. With five to seven credits for each term, the program could be finished by medical caretakers in two years.

  The program, which still needs the help of the statewide state funded colleges' executives' committee and the state Higher Education Coordinating Commission, would be available to every single enrolled nurture yet is intended to expand assorted variety in nursing initiative positions, especially among attendants who are bilingual.

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  "This program will create fantastic pioneers in the nursing calling while additionally making the calling more assorted and underscoring general wellbeing and administration to rustic networks," OSU president Ed Ray said. "It will cost a large portion of the cost of numerous different lone rangers of exploration of nursing programs in Oregon, and when future interest warrants it, we will offer the program as a one-logbook year program."

  The board noticed the program will address a deficiency of lone rangers of exploration of nursing-prepared medical attendants in the state and specifically Central Oregon, where less than 40 percent of medical attendants have a four year college education.

  The program, an organization between OSU-Cascades, Central Oregon Community College and St. Charles Healthcare System, will concentrate on enlisting understudies from COCC and the more prominent Bend zone. While the program is available to every single authorized medical attendant in Oregon, it will concentrate on selecting understudies from COCC and medical caretakers in Central Oregon.

  "The program bolsters our territory allow mission of reasonableness, access and places a unique accentuation on country medical problems," said OSU president Ed Ray. "What's more, enhancing wellbeing and health is a mark zone of refinement for OSU."

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Italian countryside and remodeling your kitchen

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  If you’re torn between vacationing in the , now you don’t have to choose. NOLI is Findlay Market’s newest vendor — and they aren't selling food. This custom design and installation company uses prestige Italian brands to turn your dream of a "Modern Italian Kitchen" into a reality.

  NOLI sources their products from Maistri, a partner brand nestled in the countryside of Verona, Italy, where crisp edges, neutral palettes and minimalist functionality are their holy trinity. The company began in 1946 as a small, family-run carpenter's shop. NOLI’s shop owner, Agostino Fede, has been familiar with Maistri’s work for the past three and a half decades — his mother and aunt have curated Italian kitchens from the brand.2974985610242706843908944281465858699691344O

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  The showroom at NOLI's Findlay Market store


  Though he initially migrated to Cincinnati for a job offer, the idea for NOLI came up as Fede was remodeling the kitchen in his OTR condo and he took great interest in the process.

  By trade, he’s a biochemist, but upon his retirement from pharmaceuticals, Fede found uncanny similarities between the workflow in the lab and in the kitchen as he began writing his second act. This included enrolling in visual design classes and attending design and furniture fairs, where he fell in love with the products and the nature of the work.

  After chiseling down a list of kitchen vendors from 110 to 25 to just a handful, Maistri came out on top. Fede was intrigued by Maistri’s “history, authenticity and territory,” and decided to seek out his passions by pioneering Italian kitchen design right here in the Queen City.

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  “I’m trying to create an entire experience for the customer,” Fede says. The process is more than simply coming to the shop with a plan and picking out cabinet swatches. These kitchens are curated to match how you live, cook and entertain by blending design with functionality and technology, like built-in induction plates and wireless chargers.

  But kitchen design isn’t NOLI's only offering. For those looking for VIp treatment, NOLI has a handful of chefs in their arsenal who can christen a newly finished kitchen with a demonstration of the appliances and devices or even help throw a dolce vita party. It is services like these that separate NOLI from the cabs and apps department at Home Depot.

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  Fede explained his transition from big pharm to kitchen design by offering a comparison: Kitchens and labs aren’t that different from each other after all. An experiment is prepared just as the ingredients of a recipe are. You cook the food and run the experiment; plate the food and prepare the test results; and wash up at the end. “A kitchen is nothing else but a lab. And a lab is nothing but a kitchen,” Fede says.

  From an analytical perspective and a culinary one, Fede brings sleek, functional design and a curated experience to the table with a dose of Italian flare.

  NOLI Modern Italian Kitchen is located at 100 W. Elder St., Over-the-Rhine. More info:

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 Odd, too, for she wasn't, just to say, a beauty. Daniel considered himself a connoisseur as to girls, and he was sure that Miss Berkeley's warm olive skin just escaped being sallow, that her figure was more boyish than feminine, and her features, except, perhaps, her beautiful dark eyes, not perfect. But it was her arresting individuality, the subtle magnetism that seemed to hang about her, challenging his curiosity to know more of her, to understand her, that fascinated him in a manner unique in his experience of womankind. Subtle, indeed, was the attraction of a woman who could, in just that way, impress a mind like Daniel's, which, extraordinarily keen in a practical way, was almost devoid of imagination.  small romantic faculty he possessed: the old homestead suggestive of generations of ease and culture, the gracious, soft-voiced ladies, their marked appreciation of himself (which was of course his due), the good dinner served on exquisite china and silver in the spacious dining-room (Daniel, in his own home, had never committed the extravagance of solid mahogany, oriental rugs, and family portraits, but he had gone so far as to price them and therefore understood what an "outlay" must have been made here). 

"There never has been a great woman lawyer, has there?" she asked him, "except portia?"


"'portia?' portia who? I had not—you mean, perhaps, some ancient Greek?" asked Daniel. "Ah!" he exclaimed, '"The quality of mercy is not strained!' Yes. Just so. portia. "Merchant of Venice," he added, looking highly pleased with himself. "I studied drama in my freshman year at Harvard."


"Did you?"


"Yes. My sisters had me very thoroughly educated. Very expensively, too. But this 'portia'—she was of course a fictitious, not a historic, character, if I remember rightly. Women haven't really brains enough, or of the sort, that could cope with such severe study as that of the law." He waved the matter aside with a gesture of his long, thin fingers.


"I'm not sure of that," Margaret maintained.


"But the courtroom is no place for a decent woman," said Daniel dogmatically.


"But she could specialize. These are the days, I'm told, when to succeed is to specialize. She wouldn't need to practise in the criminal courts."


"I trust," said Daniel stiffly, "you are not a Suffragist. You don't look like one."


"How do they look?"


"I never saw one, for we don't have them in New Munich, where I live. But I'm sure they don't look so womanly as you do."


"I hope that to look womanly isn't to look stupid," said Margaret solicitously.


"Why should it?—though to be sure a woman does just as well if she isn't too bright."


"If to be womanly meant all that some men seem to think it means, we'd have to have idiot asylums for womanly females," declared Margaret. "I suppose"—she changed the subject and perfunctorily made conversation—"a lawyer's work is full of interest and excitement?"


"Well," Mr. Leitzel smiled, "in these days, a lawyer for a corporation has got to be Johnny-on-the-spot."


"I have always thought that a general practitioner must often find his work a terrible strain upon his sympathies," said Margaret.


"Oh, no; business is business, you know."


"And necessarily inhuman?"


"Unhuman, rather. A man must not have 'sympathies' in the practice of the law."


"He can't help it, can he?—unless he's a soulless monster."


Daniel looked at her narrowly. What a queer expression for a young lady to use: "a soulless monster."


"Your brother-in-law, for instance," he inquired with his thin, tight little smile, "does he, as a general practitioner, find his cases a great strain on his sympathies?


"Oh, he hasn't enough cases to find them a great strain of any kind."


"So?" Daniel lifted his pale eyebrows. It was, then, inherited wealth, he reflected, that maintained this luxurious home, and if so, this Miss Berkeley, probably, shared that inheritance. His heart began to thump in his narrow chest. His calculating eye scanned the girl's figure, from her crown of dark hair to her shapely foot.


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