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Winter household items maintenance method

Le 10 August 2018, 05:01 dans Humeurs 0




inter household items maintenance methodSource: China Business News Release Date: 2018-01-09
According to the person in charge of Filminger, when entering the winter, when the external environment such as humidity and temperature changes, the wooden floor sometimes deforms and cracks. Therefore, the indoor temperature should not exceed 25 ° C, which can effectively maintain the moisture content of the wooden floor.
The outdoor is cold and biting, and the indoor heating is dry. This temperature difference not only can't stand some people, but even the furniture can't bear it. The careful person may find that the wooden floor and solid wood furniture in the house are cracked, and the plastic bench is bad when sitting. Even the wallpaper has begun to rise. When the temperature continues to fall, the necessary maintenance and maintenance of household items should be carried out to prevent the furniture from "frozen".

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wooden floor
Waxing and moisturizing to prevent dry cracking
Solid wood flooring is deeply loved by consumers because of its natural and environmentally friendly characteristics and simple and elegant style. Although the performance of wood flooring has become better and better in recent years through technology and craftsmanship, solid wood flooring is more delicate than other floorings, especially In the case of low temperature in winter, the indoor heating and drying take away the moisture in the air, so the solid wood floor is extremely prone to water shortage.

wooden floor

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According to the person in charge of Filminger, when entering the winter, when the external environment such as humidity and temperature changes, the wooden floor sometimes deforms and cracks. Therefore, the indoor temperature should not exceed 25 ° C, which can effectively maintain the moisture content of the wooden floor.

In winter, the temperature of the ground heating is relatively large. If the indoor air is dry, on the one hand, it is necessary to mop the ground, and drag the ground 2-3 times a day to increase the humidity of the air, which can effectively prevent the deformation of the wooden floor. But you can't use the dripping mop to mop the floor and the mop to half dry. On the other hand, waxing the floor can protect the floor color, decontamination and glazing, increase the appearance, and prevent insects, moisture, cracking and extend the service life of the floor. Lock the moisture of the floor. At the same time, remind consumers that heavy wooden furniture should not be pressed against the dead corner of the floor. There must be a certain expansion joint to prevent high temperature from bulging on the other side of the floor.

At the same time, users who use geothermal heat do not frequently turn on or off the heating system. If no one in the house can properly lower the temperature, this can extend the service life of the wooden floor.

Hot items
Do not put on the table to prevent cracking
“The marble countertop of my cabinet suddenly broke a seam.” Ms. Liu, who lives in the diamond constellation, responded by phone. After the snowfall, the temperature was relatively low. Ms. Liu burned a pot of water in the morning. After the water was boiled, it was placed on the countertop of the cabinet. As a result, the countertop burst into a seam. Ms. Liu’s home is located in the easternmost part of the community. The kitchen is located close to the road. Even in the heated indoor kitchen, the temperature is only 16 °C. In these few days, the kitchen temperature is lower.

The artificial marble countertops are low-radiation, bright colors and affordable. They are the preferred material for most countertops in the family cabinets, but the artificial marbles are also more susceptible to damage at low temperatures, especially when the cold countertops encounter hot items, artificial marble. It will become brittle or even crack. Therefore, in the winter when the kitchen temperature is low, it is necessary to avoid cutting and licking the bones on the countertop surface. Try not to place high-temperature objects on the countertop to prevent the cracking table.

Marble countertop

European cabinets shopping guide introduction; cabinet countertops are often kept dry. The surface water stains should be dried in time to avoid long-term water immersion and prevent the surface of the table from being deformed. In particular, it is necessary to prevent the bleaching agent and scale in the water from lightening the color of the artificial stone countertop, which affects the appearance. Avoid cleaning the countertops with aggressive cleaners and do not allow excessively heavy or sharp objects to hit the surface directly. Oversized or overweight appliances should not be placed on the countertop for a long time; do not rinse with cold water immediately after washing with cold water.

When cleaning the countertop daily, wash it with soapy water or a detergent containing ammonia (such as detergent). For scale, it can be removed with a damp cloth and then wiped with a dry cloth. The fine cracks on the countertop can be sanded with sandpaper. For deep cracks or cracks, you need to ask the professional to handle the repair.

To prevent cracking or deformation of plastic and rattan products
In addition to the cabinet surface, cracks may occur at low temperatures, and plastic and rattan products may crack or deform. The air is dry in winter, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large. Especially in the heated room, the plastic furniture may break and the rattan furniture will be deformed or abnormal.

plastic chair

It is understood that generally ordinary plastic products will appear aging in 1-2 years of use, and because they are not particularly resistant to high temperatures, so try to avoid placing around high-temperature equipment, such as around the radiator, it is easy to accelerate its aging. In the very low temperature in winter, plastic stools, wardrobes, storage boxes and other products should be avoided in direct sunlight to avoid accelerating the aging of plastic products. At the same time, reduce contact with heat sources and avoid contact with heat sources for a long time to make them brittle. That is, it is recommended to place it in a place far away from the heating. If the floor heating is too warm, place a floor mat underneath; try to avoid heat and cold, and prevent plastic products from expanding and shrinking to shorten the life.

In many instances, choosing an interior designer who has worked for someone you know is great. However, you should also find new interior designer by yourself.

Some households use rattan recliners indoors, and sometimes they move their recliners to the radiators. Some people use rattan furniture outdoors. Excessive or too low temperatures can affect the life of rattan furniture. "Fine furniture should be taken care of to avoid direct sunlight for a long time. Long-term exposure will partially fade the red-red shiny red rattan furniture, and the bamboo and rattan will dry, loosen and disengage; wet and cold will also cause rattan moldy insects." Kailong Taibai shop, a rattan furniture manufacturer.

Wicker chair

After using the rattan furniture for a period of time, it can be wiped with light salt water, which can decontaminate and make it last longer, and has a certain anti-insect effect. For daily cleaning, just use a clean, soft rag to wipe the surface of the furniture and keep it clean. General rattan furniture should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not too close to the heat source or placed in extremely low temperatures outside.

Winter furniture
place it away from windows and doorways
Recently, the impact of low temperature on solid wood furniture is relatively large, and solid wood is susceptible to environmental humidity, resulting in changes in swelling and shrinkage. The coldness of the winter causes the air moisture to decrease. Coupled with the heating equipment baking or air-conditioning heating, the solid wood furniture is more likely to crack and even fade, so the humidity is the key to the maintenance of solid wood furniture Osteogenic Sarcoma .

Extended reading: furniture also has a shelf life? How to maintain furniture to extend life

In the cold and dry weather conditions in winter, you can improve the indoor humidity by using a humidifier, placing a basin of water or some green plants indoors, effectively solving the cracking of solid wood furniture. Opening the window in winter will make the outside cold air come in and make the room dry. Therefore, winter furniture should be placed indoors away from windows, doorways, etc. Even though the winter sun is not as strong as summer



Huawei surpasses Apple in smartphone market

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  The Huawei logo is seen during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, February 26, 2018. [Photo/Agencies]

  Huawei has surpassed Apple for the first time, becoming the second-largest smartphone vendor in the world, market research firm International Data Corp (IDC) said.

  During the second quarter of this year, global smartphone vendors shipped a total of 342 million units, down 1.8 percent compared to the 348.2 million units shipped in the second quarter of 2017, IDC said.

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  The drop marked the third consecutive quarter of year-over-year declines for the global smartphone market and the fourth quarter of decline in history.

  IDC attributed this to a "churn in some highly penetrated markets", although many high growth markets still exist and should return smartphone shipments to overall growth.

  Samsung remained the leader in the worldwide smartphone market with shipments of 71.5 million units, despite a 10.4 percent decline in shipments from last year.

  Huawei delivered shipments of 54.2 million units to move into the second position with a record high market share of 15.8 percent.

  Apple dropped to the third spot for the first time, despite its second quarter growth. Apple shipped 41.3 million iPhones, representing modest growth of 0.7 percent over the 41.0 million units shipped last year.

Victoria Educational Organisation cordially invited Dr. Edward Clapp, Principal Investigator at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education to introduce n early childhood specific framework that supports maker-centred learning.

most probably would be sleeping

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The shrews made a frenzied rush into the undergrowth; Matthias found he was standing alone. After a few minutes Log-a-Log and Guosim ventured stealthily out again. Forgetting the stone, Guosim spoke in an awed voice, "D'you mean you actually intend to walk right up and speak to Snow?"

Matthias nodded. Log-a-Log continued where his comrade had left off: "You're going to ask the Cap'n where you can find Giant Poisonteeth, mouse? Er, I mean, Matthias. You are either very brave or raving mad."

"A little bit of both, I suppose," said the young mouse. "Do you know much about Captain Snow and Asmodeus?"

Both shrews trembled visibly. Guosim's voice had risen an octave. "Matthias, you must be crazy! Don't you know what you're walking into? Captain Snow . . . why, you'd be just a snack to him. And as for the other one - Giant Ice Eyes - who could even go near him? He eats as many shrews as he wants. No living creature can stop the poison-teeth SmarTone!"

A heart-rending moan arose from the shrews in the undergrowth.

Matthias still had the stone. He held it up and addressed them boldly. "Guerrilla Shrew comrades, I do not ask you to do my fighting. Merely point me in the direction of Captain Snow. Who knows? If I finally get the sword I may be able to liberate you."

Log-a-Log took the stone. "Matthias of Redwall, you are on our land. We will escort you. The Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower would never live down the shame of

having a stranger fight their battles for them. You may not always see us, but we will be close by. Come now."

Matthias moved north-eastwards with the company of shrews, whose numbers seemed to swell as they went along. At nightfall there were upwards of four hundred members of the Shrew Union seated around the campfire, breaking bread with the warrior from Redwall. That night Matthias slept inside a long hollow log with both ends disguised to make it appear solid QTS Hong Kong.

Like Basil, the shrews were masters of camouflage. Their very survival depended upon it.

Half an hour before dawn the young mouse was roused by a shrew who gave him an acorn cup full of sweet berry juice, a loaf of rough nutbread and some tasty fresh roots that he could not identify. By dawn's first light they were on the move again, marching until mid-morning. Matthias saw the edge of Mossflower Wood. The tall trees thinned out, bush and undergrowth were sparse. Before them lay an open field of long, lush grass dotted with buttercup and sorrel. In the distance he could see the abandoned farmhouse that Basil had spoken of. All the shrews had disappeared with the exception of Guosim and Log-a-Log. The latter pointed to the barn adjoining the farmhouse.

"You might find Captain Snow in there taking a nap. Now is the best time to approach him, after he has a full stomach from the night hunt."

The two guerrilla shrews melted back into the woods. Alone now, Matthias crossed the sunny field leading to the barn, just as Basil had taught him: zig-zag, crouch, wriggle and weave.

He tiptoed into the barn. There was no sign of an owl. In the semi-darkness Matthias could make out various old farming implements rusted with disuse. On one wall there was a huge stack of musty, dry straw bales. He decided to climb up the bales, in the hope of getting near Captain Snow, who  perched in the rafters Sharing economy.

Matthias scaled the packed straw. He stood on top and looked about. Nothing. He ventured forwards, and suddenly

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